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Network, System, DevSecOps Engineer, and occasional maker of videos. I'm passionate about computer technology and have been since at least 2nd grade. Back when Windows 3.11 was the latest thing. I've held onto that passion to this day and still use my socket 7 DOS PC, although DOSBox is very nice! I'd like to be able to share that experience, but it's difficult to get good captures. We're not all LGR here. I love Linux and open source software as well (i use arch btw), even though another one of my passions is gaming. The goal here is to help people with technology, enjoy some great retro tech, and maybe entertain along the way. I appreciate everyone who has given me feedback and support!

This site will most likely be under construction forever. I plan to add separate pages for tutorials, blog, scripts, etc. I haven't created a site in about 20 years, so this may take a while.